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The PurdyBilt Experience

The most important question you can ask yourself when shopping for a mobile farrier workshop...

"Why should I choose PurdyBilt over the competition?"

With providing a quality product tailored to your custom needs and desires being a given,
the answer to that is our unmatched level of customer service!

You're not just making a transaction of a "cookie cutter" trailer rolled off an assembly line,
YOU are part of the process!

From start to finish our experienced and friendly staff will
work with you to create a custom unit that we know you'll love working out of!

So how does this play out? Lets break it down in what we like to label,
"The PurdyBilt Experience"

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Step #1 - Find out about us!


The first step of the PurdyBilt Experience is finding out who we are! We are branching out our span of awareness so more and more of the farrier community knows we're here. So wether you found us in a flyer, magazine, brochure, search engine or other website, FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn, eBay, Youtube, or our personal favorite, word of mouth, ultimately, you'll wind up right where you are now, on PurdyBilt.com!

Now that your here, browse around the site and see what we offer, see what others have bought, get inspired by the custom work we have done for others, read the testimonials, check out the blog.

And if you still want to know more, we'd love to take your call!

Step #2 - Discover which product fits your style!

So you've done your research and discovered, like many others, PurdyBilt is the best solution to your mobile workshop needs. Now it's time to choose what's best for your needs.

Browse our "Farrier Trailers", "Farrier Bodies" and "Farrier Accessories" sections to see what we offer.

Browse the "SOLD!" section to see what other satisfied customers have bought.

Check out our "On The Lot" and "Dealers" sections to see if we have any units ready to outfit.

Remember, if you don't see it, but you feel you need it, ask us!
If you can imagine it, we can build it!

Step #3 - Submit a custom quote!

You've got an idea of what you want, excellent! Now it's time to make a quote!

Go to our "Online Quote" section and fill in your choices.
If your browsing the "SOLD!" section, you can transfer over everything that customer had on their unit, right into your form automatically. Then you can add or subtract items.

Remember that some items need to be custom made and need your input, be sure to add your commentary wherever needed.

When your done filling it out, submit it, and a copy will be sent to you, and us.

Within 2 business days you will be contacted by our friendly sales team to go over you submitted quote. We want to be sure both yourself and us understand fully what we are building, and that your getting the best unit that not only suits your needs, but your budget too!

Step #4 - Time to build!

Once quote is finalized and accepted. We schedule your unit into production. Depending on availability, this is often sooner then you think, averaging a 4-6 week lead time. Then we get to work!

We'll get your unit built to your specs from chassis, frame , wiring, skinning, lining, painting, decals and even some basic layout of the interior.

We'll also get all your accessories built and ready. If you ordered additional tools or power equipment, we'll get those ordered up too.

Once we have everything built, ordered, and ready, we move to step #5...

Step #5 - Time to outfit!

Here's the fun part! We schedule you a time to come in and outfit your unit. In this time you come to our manufacturing facility and work hand in hand with our top fabricators to assemble all your items into your unit and apply the final touches.

If you have personal items, your own equipment, inventory or supplies, we encourage you to bring them with you and we'll install and stock them!

It's this part of process that you really see your unit taking shape, and you have the chance to customize exactly how you will work out of your new unit.

You won't find this experience anywhere else!

Need a place to stay? We have you covered!

When you come visit our facility, you can stay at "The UPSCO Hyatt", located just a few blocks away from the manufacturing facility!

The UPSCO Hyatt is a company owned building built like a hotel. It offers 4 different choices of rooms. A room with 1 twin bed, 2 twin beds, 1 queen bed, and 1 king bed. Many of the rooms feature a TV and other furnishings such as dressers, end tables, clocks, etc. There are also 3 bathrooms equipped with showers.

A kitchen area is available for all rooms to utilize with room to sit down at the table, appliances to cook with, and a fully stocked cooler of drinks to enjoy!

Did we mention that all of this is FREE of charge to our valued customers?


Shipping is an option too!

Can't make it to our facility? Just ordering an empty unit or accessories? No problem! We can make shipping arrangements with you to deliver your unit to your location, domestic or international!

Step #6 - Roll out the door!

Once we're sure your 100% satisfied with your unit, all that's left is to drive the unit home!

But don't think the service stops there. We are always available for and issues you may run into, questions that arise, concerns you may have, repairs that need to be made, or any other future purchasing!

Never hesitate to contact us!

Begin your "PurdyBilt Experience" today!

You've already begun your experience with us if your reading this, we hope you follow through the following steps to obtain you next farrier mobile workshop!

We thank you for visiting and hope to service you in the future!

HOME > "The PurdyBilt Experience"

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